Obvy Production Agency

OBVY is a production agency formed in March 2017. We focus on digital content creation, with specialization in video content. Founded by three partners who have over 10 years of experience in broadcast and digital media, we work closely with both brands and agencies as their content partners.

There is often a disconnect between production folks and marketers where one is focused on the story, while the other is looking to solve business challenges. We look at content briefs from the perspective of marketers. What are the business and marketing objectives? What content best serve their needs? Video content should never be an afterthought, and should always be part of early strategy conversations.

As a business, we don’t like bullshit and don’t give bullshit. We trust our clients to be honest and engage with us in transparent conversations regarding their needs and challenges. We believe having full access to information puts us in the best position to help you guys. That said, we are super approachable, so don’t be shy.